Mary De Groat

​​Beyond the Last Horizon is Mary's debut as an author. The story came to mind as if watching a movie from beginning to end during a few quiet minutes at her home one day.  It wasn't until five years later, however, that she found time to write. 

"The story poured itself out," Mary says. "Every morning I'd wake up excited to discover what would happen next to my characters. The misguided pursuits and risky ventures in love and business of five unlikely friends wove easily together. Then the hard part - finding a publisher and making the many necessary edits, cutting out all superfluous text that didn't support the story arc or move the plot forward to tighten and polish it up for publication. Writing a book is an incredible experience and I am now immersed in writing my next novel."

Mary De Groat discovered her passion for writing while working as a marketing professional for the past twenty years.  A student of metaphysics and meditation, she believes in the power of imagination, which she has unleashed with demonstrated results.  While written primarily for entertainment, it is Mary's hope to inspire readers to know they too can reset what isn't working in their lives.

She is currently working on a second book and her readers say they can't wait to discover what she imagines next!