Gold/1st Place

Best Inspirational

​Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions. - A. Einstein

Whatever you think about...whatever you can imagine...can happen. Seeking fame, fortune and love, the lives of five unlikely friends spin out of control. Carrie, Gina, Hank, David and Sara will stop at nothing to reach their goals. Conniving, misguided pursuits take them from corporate boardrooms to exotic islands, yet happiness remains elusive. Overwhelmed by chaos and crises, their paths intersect on a journey of self-discovery and each makes a decision that transforms their lives forever. Beyond the Last Horizon, based on the principles of The Secret, inspires readers to imagine a destiny of their dreams.

2016 Feathered Quill Awards


Silver/2nd Place

Best Women's Fiction

INSIDE SCOOP! Listen to an interview with Mary De Groat. Topics of conversation: The Power of Decision -  Writing and Writer's Block - Writing from the Heart and Emotion - Advice for Others on any Creative Path - The Next Chapter

2016 Reader Views Literary Award 

Beyond the Last Horizon

"A captivating novel about five characters' fateful decisions that should leave readers feeling inspired to make positive changes in their own lives."                                                  -"Kirkus Reviews"     

Mary De Groat